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Wearing Necklace of Buddha

We are just humans, and thus, when we take certain items or patterns from other culture, especially traditions and Oriental cultures, many of us do number of errors. Oriental jewelry piece, which are mostly seen by people as just clothing or accessories, are one best examples of this. Today, we will look at the traditional example-Amulet & Buddha necklace, how this has to be worn, what are their uses, understanding their value ad culture.

To begin with, these amulets are authentic and powerful object that is worn, this isn’t just a trendy piece, it’s because of firm beliefs of the wearer in Lord Buddha’s teachings and influence, and it is often related with better health, increased luck and relationships with the family. Before removing the amulet, you must wash hands as well. You must know that rates differ from amulets to amulets. For example, older an amulet the higher the price will be it is made by the monk, the more expensive it’s going to be. Thai amulets are primarily available in many different kind and lp ruay wat tako from is one of the most famous among them.

You need to wash hands, in the middle of the palm place the amulet, and concentrate on your mind & teachings on Buddha before putting on your Thai amulet. One of its fundamental principles of wearing an amulet is, it should not be placed under the waist under any circumstances.

Also, since its where people participate in sexual acts, never keep amulets in bedroom. When involved in sexual acts or if you are going to any bars, pubs then amulets should not be worn. You can wear several amulets at once, such bans or limitations do not exist. It is commonly recommended that before bathing, you should take off the amulet as it can weaken it and decrease its life span.

Buddha necklace are highly respected, this is even known as the Buddha pray bead necklace, like all sacred and holy things associated with Lord Buddha. It should not be used as decoration item any conditions, only for prayer and spiritual purposes. It shouldn’t be tossed around room or kept on the ground carelessly, or leaving it somewhere casually, because it is used for prayer. In fact, if you have one at home, best is folding the Buddha necklace carefully and place this near Buddha statue, or hang amulets somewhere.

You should not wear Buddha necklace as a fashion tool. While praying Buddha, wear this on neck or you can wear it around your wrist. This will be good if you are going for those made of rosewood, sandalwood, or Bodhi while searching for a good beaded necklace. Many people still prefer to wear necklace that will have semi-precious stone. Of course, during your prayer, when you use some unique mantra, this should be done with the help of someone who have knowledge on Tibetan culture.

Mobile Phone Location Tracking

For those, who live adventurous life carry their mobile phone everywhere to the most remote and sometimes the most dangerous places. The family member can take a sign of relieve with the growing technology as they can track their loved one in a click in case if they do not want to call them and disturb or in case if they get lost somewhere.

Apart from personal agenda, phone tracking systems can also help a business to keep its employees safe, as they travel to strange places or overseas. In order to use tracking system, you must use some technology related to it. The most accepted way is to visit Geo Localiser Un Portable website and find the mobile location by using mobile number as it does not require you to have access to the phone or you do not need to install any tracking app on the target phone. Let’s look into it:


A GPS Tracker is a device that transmits location information and other details depending on the implementation. A GPS tracker operates on the principle of “trilateration”. GPS is a network of about 30 satellites, the receiver measures the distance from four satellites and pinpoint the exact location of an object. Atleast, it needs distance information from three satellites to exactly determine the co-ordinates.

Mobile Communication:

Usually all mobile tracking applications have to send their tracking data back to the central point for it to be viewed. This is possible through SMS or data (GPRS). In both cases, it requires the mobile phone present in a coverage area, nearer to a cell phone tower. For example, if a phone can’t make a call, it can’t send the information. Therefore, if mobile phone is present in a remote location, it is not possible to get regular feed of information from a mobile tracking phone. The best alternative is to satellite device, but SMS and data costs can be quite high.

Mobile Data Costs:

Mobile phone tracking is most important when you travel particularly to some areas of having high risk. Most of these software packages work for a single domestic country and will charge more, if you use in other foreign countries. If your tracking phone is sending regular SMS and lots of data on a domestic SIM as you roam into other countries, this can become expensive resulting in massive bill shock. Hence, check for the tracking app that has an option to work on a global roaming SIM.


Time-Zone sounds a simple thing, but if you are travelling the world you need a system that is aware of time-zones and local times. GPS tracking apps that have been developed to use in a single country, are often restricted to use in other foreign countries which is difficult.

Guide to Malaysia Travel Destinations

Malaysia is a home for many beautiful beaches which has sparkling sand and crystal waters. It is a land of many colors and cultures, from modernized cities to colonial places, from rainforests to warmwater marine life there are so many places to see and so many things to do in a trip to Malaysia.

Malaysia is a mixture of east and west. With all the comforts at fingertip, the tourist is free to explore the rich customs of Malaysia from exploring the natural beauty to visit the major cities. The trip to Malaysia can be done within the budget as everything from food to hotel can be found cheaply.

In Malaysia, accommodation is one of the best features which attracts travelers from around the world. Malaysian hotels provide excellent amenities even with the cheap rate. Kuala Lumpur is the Capital city of Malaysia. this beautiful city is a place for many attractions, people around the globe visit Kuala Lumpur in huge number. Petronas Twin Tower is the famous building in the city, the view of the city from the bridge that connects the two towers is extremely exotic. The building was mainly constructed for business purpose, though it also has many shopping malls, hotels and restaurants.

Genting Highland is known as the Las Vegas of Malaysia. it is the city of entertainment situated at the peak of mountain which is just few kilometers away from the Capital of Malaysia. the tourists remain spell bounded by the fascinating lush green tropical rain forests of Genting highland. This hilltop city has the only betting center in Malaysia allowing the travelers and tourist to gamble legally. As per report published at blwclub, it comprises of more than 2400 games and has got many betting tables. There are even theme parks, making the place enjoyable even for kids as well as family.

Malaysia is a paradise for food lovers. Local delights of Malaysia reflect the Malay, Indian and Chinese influences which is famous for little spicy and eclectic. Nasi Lemak is the National food of Malaysia which is a coconut rice served with sambal, fried anchovies, peanuts, omelet and cucumber. Malaysia is the best place for the Shopaholics, from big brand goods to fine art crafts it has got everything which everyone strives to buy.

Mulu Caves and Kinabatangan

Mulu Caves and Kinabatangan – The Highlight of Malaysia Tourism

Mulu Caves is a cave majestic and mysterious. Mulu not only attract tourists, but scientists and famous explorers also found there to discover. The cave is located within the Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak,  on Borneo Island. The cave was organized UNESCO as world cultural heritage. In Mulu caves have small the caves.

This is one of the caves with perfect structure in the world. Mulu is the harmonious combination of pure limestone, the highest waterfall and tropical forests small scale. Entering the cave, you’ll be surprised with stalactites systems have different shapes. Can say Mulu is an ingenious staging, interesting of created cultural and natural.

Mulu caves are the result of the weathering process of natural stone from millions of years. Over a long time, heavy rains pour down has formed the fast-flowing streams and creating a system of underground caves today.

And until now, the weather continues to shape the system this mysterious cave. Rainwater dripped constantly create rich rock shapes. A series of sharp rock piles is also one of the products created wonderful natural.

Gunung Mulu National Park has an area of about 52 865 hectares of rainforest. Here, there are rivers flowing all year round, limpid streams.  Gunung Mulu was surrounded by three majestic mountain is Mulu high mountain 2.376m, Api high mountains 1.750m  and mountain Benarat 1.585m.

The second recommendation is from and the website also gives special privilege to tourist who wish to boat along the river Kinabatangan

Kinabantangan river is the 2nd long river flows Malaysia. Boating along the river you will have many enjoyable experiences.

Kinabatangan river 560 km long. The river started from the central mountains Borneo island flows the sea Sulu. Two waterfront is the primary forest. The fauna, flora rich and pristine. Boating along the river you will see many old trees towering, clinging around them are perennial mistletoe.

In the Sandakan area – downstream you will meet like monkeys Probosics. They are nearly identical to human DNA. We have nosed, long tail, climb and jump very fast. Like monkeys are seen as symbols of the downstream flow.

You come to this place at evening will have the opportunity to watch the lizards, elephants, monkeys … bathing in the river, have fun. Thanks to the rich fauna that this place attracts many photographers and researchers.

Casual daily life of the people of both sides river will surprise you, enjoy.

The two sides of the river have many resorts  equal stilts on the hill. They are connected by small roads winding. These cottages on stilts have modern amenities. Pristine area, quietness will take you to a quiet peaceful world. You are immersed in nature away from the bustling, noisy in the city.

Great Singapore Sale

The Great Singapore Sale, which is also known as GSS, is an exhibition that is conducted once in a year. It is considered as the pride of Singapore as it is held by the Singapore Tourism Board in coordination with local firms and other interested organizations. It gives a unique chance to local companies to promote their products and services. It is also intended to provide jobs to local youth in the field of marketing and production. People who benefit from this expo can serve as a consultant or a manager when hired by any of the participating companies.

Great Singapore Sale is seen as the unique platform to showcase the trends currently followed in Singapore. Hence, this reflects a worldwide enthusiasm besides active participation by tourists. People can shop at this fair till 12 in the midnight. In order to attract the attention of more and more people, advanced facilities like dining place, fitness centre and lots of entertainment choices are also provided. In order to take advantage of the discounts offered at any of these malls, it is a must for you to have a Tourist Privilege Card.

According to the local financial statistics available, local people have already spent maximum amount of their money in the last Great Singapore Sale event at, which is also one of the reasons why it generates a lot of interest among tourists regarding GSS. In fact, the total spending has reached several millions of dollars since the organization of this event. You enjoy some of the unique adventurous events as well such as DUCK tours and DHL Balloon. After attending this event, you will get to know that how exciting nightlife will be in Singapore. The major partners of the event include Baywatch Association and Orchard Road.

If you are attending the Great Singapore Sale, then you make sure that you have the discount privilege card with you. You can make the payments comfortably as the usage of a Master Card is allowed.

The event is made more interesting by each passing year with the introduction of new schemes and contests. This will allow the participants and related groups to win attractive gifts and offers. However, the only condition is that you have to purchase products so that you can qualify for the contests. GSS is an event that surely explores the tourism and industrial facets of Singapore to the core. It is also an ideal platform to let the world know about the kind of progress the country has made so far.