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We are always here for you and we will stay here. Our professors and our researchers are the best in the business and they are passionate about treating and finding a cure for AIDS as soon as possible.

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We have been working with experts from all parts of the globe and we are able to find massive and extremely important discoveries we will soon share with you. Stay in touch and believe in us.

We are just one of many looking for better treatment and finally a cure.

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Best in the US for AIDS treatment

The prestigious award only we own

For helping 1 million people

We are big and we are growing

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We are always looking to change something and make it better

Robert Boyle award

For best analytics in medicine

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Valerie B Reed

An important assist to the organization

Michelle R Lizotte

Developing new treatments

Susan S Lynch

Treating the patients

Barbara M Chin

Helping the patients

Jessie J Hernandez

Working on the cure

Tom J Edmondson

Cooperating on the development of the treatment

Mary J Johnson

Writing and publishing studies in the field

Humberto R Sierra

Developing 3 new treatments