Great Singapore Sale

Mulu Caves and Kinabatangan
May 9, 2020

The Great Singapore Sale, which is also known as GSS, is an exhibition that is conducted once in a year. It is considered as the pride of Singapore as it is held by the Singapore Tourism Board in coordination with local firms and other interested organizations. It gives a unique chance to local companies to promote their products and services. It is also intended to provide jobs to local youth in the field of marketing and production. People who benefit from this expo can serve as a consultant or a manager when hired by any of the participating companies.

Great Singapore Sale is seen as the unique platform to showcase the trends currently followed in Singapore. Hence, this reflects a worldwide enthusiasm besides active participation by tourists. People can shop at this fair till 12 in the midnight. In order to attract the attention of more and more people, advanced facilities like dining place, fitness centre and lots of entertainment choices are also provided. In order to take advantage of the discounts offered at any of these malls, it is a must for you to have a Tourist Privilege Card.

According to the local financial statistics available, local people have already spent maximum amount of their money in the last Great Singapore Sale event at, which is also one of the reasons why it generates a lot of interest among tourists regarding GSS. In fact, the total spending has reached several millions of dollars since the organization of this event. You enjoy some of the unique adventurous events as well such as DUCK tours and DHL Balloon. After attending this event, you will get to know that how exciting nightlife will be in Singapore. The major partners of the event include Baywatch Association and Orchard Road.

If you are attending the Great Singapore Sale, then you make sure that you have the discount privilege card with you. You can make the payments comfortably as the usage of a Master Card is allowed.

The event is made more interesting by each passing year with the introduction of new schemes and contests. This will allow the participants and related groups to win attractive gifts and offers. However, the only condition is that you have to purchase products so that you can qualify for the contests. GSS is an event that surely explores the tourism and industrial facets of Singapore to the core. It is also an ideal platform to let the world know about the kind of progress the country has made so far.

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