Guide to Malaysia Travel Destinations

Mulu Caves and Kinabatangan
May 9, 2020
Malaysia Travel Destinations

Malaysia is a home for many beautiful beaches which has sparkling sand and crystal waters. It is a land of many colors and cultures, from modernized cities to colonial places, from rainforests to warmwater marine life there are so many places to see and so many things to do in a trip to Malaysia.

Malaysia is a mixture of east and west. With all the comforts at fingertip, the tourist is free to explore the rich customs of Malaysia from exploring the natural beauty to visit the major cities. The trip to Malaysia can be done within the budget as everything from food to hotel can be found cheaply.

In Malaysia, accommodation is one of the best features which attracts travelers from around the world. Malaysian hotels provide excellent amenities even with the cheap rate. Kuala Lumpur is the Capital city of Malaysia. this beautiful city is a place for many attractions, people around the globe visit Kuala Lumpur in huge number. Petronas Twin Tower is the famous building in the city, the view of the city from the bridge that connects the two towers is extremely exotic. The building was mainly constructed for business purpose, though it also has many shopping malls, hotels and restaurants.

Genting Highland is known as the Las Vegas of Malaysia. it is the city of entertainment situated at the peak of mountain which is just few kilometers away from the Capital of Malaysia. the tourists remain spell bounded by the fascinating lush green tropical rain forests of Genting highland. This hilltop city has the only betting center in Malaysia allowing the travelers and tourist to gamble legally. As per report published at blwclub, it comprises of more than 2400 games and has got many betting tables. There are even theme parks, making the place enjoyable even for kids as well as family.

Malaysia is a paradise for food lovers. Local delights of Malaysia reflect the Malay, Indian and Chinese influences which is famous for little spicy and eclectic. Nasi Lemak is the National food of Malaysia which is a coconut rice served with sambal, fried anchovies, peanuts, omelet and cucumber. Malaysia is the best place for the Shopaholics, from big brand goods to fine art crafts it has got everything which everyone strives to buy.

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