Here’s why you should use our help and our treatments

The rules

We use strict rules and we can share with you all of them in the form of PSF files below. Here you can learn about the procedures and about the must-have conditions.

The files share the entire policy of the company and they cannot be shared to third parties. You are free to read them but won’t be able to use them for your personal purposes.

Terms of regulation

Know about our terms of regulation by clicking on below download button.


Latest standards

By downloading below PDF, you can know about our latest standards


New protocols

Here are our new protocoals and know it by downloading our PDF..


Facility safety

What facilities we provide for your safety, know it here.


The files can be downloaded right here and once you do you will be able to view them in your web browser. All browsers support the files.

Testing the population

In 2019 we tested and treated this number of patients. In 2020 we are going up.




Our data says a lot about us

Take a look at the carefully processed data we were able to acquire in the past year and in the previous years. We will update the page accordingly.
Number of tested people

Number of treatments performed

Number of volunteers

Making the world a better place

We will make a world a better place, we know it and we are able to share our passion and our experience with all of you right here and today. There are a lot of things you can learn about us.
Although there are a lot of things you can learn about us, there are even more facts we can learn about you. Together we can change the world and make AIDS a thing of the past. This is just a glimpse of the iceberg and what we have in plan.
Medicine is about learning new things, about advancing and about exploring. We are doing precisely the same things and we will continue doing as long as AIDS is present in humans. Once it is cured we will proudly focus our attention on other diseases and issues.