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May 21, 2020
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For those, who live adventurous life carry their mobile phone everywhere to the most remote and sometimes the most dangerous places. The family member can take a sign of relieve with the growing technology as they can track their loved one in a click in case if they do not want to call them and disturb or in case if they get lost somewhere.

Apart from personal agenda, phone tracking systems can also help a business to keep its employees safe, as they travel to strange places or overseas. In order to use tracking system, you must use some technology related to it. The most accepted way is to visit Geo Localiser Un Portable website and find the mobile location by using mobile number as it does not require you to have access to the phone or you do not need to install any tracking app on the target phone. Let’s look into it:


A GPS Tracker is a device that transmits location information and other details depending on the implementation. A GPS tracker operates on the principle of “trilateration”. GPS is a network of about 30 satellites, the receiver measures the distance from four satellites and pinpoint the exact location of an object. Atleast, it needs distance information from three satellites to exactly determine the co-ordinates.

Mobile Communication:

Usually all mobile tracking applications have to send their tracking data back to the central point for it to be viewed. This is possible through SMS or data (GPRS). In both cases, it requires the mobile phone present in a coverage area, nearer to a cell phone tower. For example, if a phone can’t make a call, it can’t send the information. Therefore, if mobile phone is present in a remote location, it is not possible to get regular feed of information from a mobile tracking phone. The best alternative is to satellite device, but SMS and data costs can be quite high.

Mobile Data Costs:

Mobile phone tracking is most important when you travel particularly to some areas of having high risk. Most of these software packages work for a single domestic country and will charge more, if you use in other foreign countries. If your tracking phone is sending regular SMS and lots of data on a domestic SIM as you roam into other countries, this can become expensive resulting in massive bill shock. Hence, check for the tracking app that has an option to work on a global roaming SIM.


Time-Zone sounds a simple thing, but if you are travelling the world you need a system that is aware of time-zones and local times. GPS tracking apps that have been developed to use in a single country, are often restricted to use in other foreign countries which is difficult.

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