Mulu Caves and Kinabatangan

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April 7, 2020
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May 21, 2020

Mulu Caves and Kinabatangan – The Highlight of Malaysia Tourism

Mulu Caves is a cave majestic and mysterious. Mulu not only attract tourists, but scientists and famous explorers also found there to discover. The cave is located within the Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak,  on Borneo Island. The cave was organized UNESCO as world cultural heritage. In Mulu caves have small the caves.

This is one of the caves with perfect structure in the world. Mulu is the harmonious combination of pure limestone, the highest waterfall and tropical forests small scale. Entering the cave, you’ll be surprised with stalactites systems have different shapes. Can say Mulu is an ingenious staging, interesting of created cultural and natural.

Mulu caves are the result of the weathering process of natural stone from millions of years. Over a long time, heavy rains pour down has formed the fast-flowing streams and creating a system of underground caves today.

And until now, the weather continues to shape the system this mysterious cave. Rainwater dripped constantly create rich rock shapes. A series of sharp rock piles is also one of the products created wonderful natural.

Gunung Mulu National Park has an area of about 52 865 hectares of rainforest. Here, there are rivers flowing all year round, limpid streams.  Gunung Mulu was surrounded by three majestic mountain is Mulu high mountain 2.376m, Api high mountains 1.750m  and mountain Benarat 1.585m.

The second recommendation is from and the website also gives special privilege to tourist who wish to boat along the river Kinabatangan

Kinabantangan river is the 2nd long river flows Malaysia. Boating along the river you will have many enjoyable experiences.

Kinabatangan river 560 km long. The river started from the central mountains Borneo island flows the sea Sulu. Two waterfront is the primary forest. The fauna, flora rich and pristine. Boating along the river you will see many old trees towering, clinging around them are perennial mistletoe.

In the Sandakan area – downstream you will meet like monkeys Probosics. They are nearly identical to human DNA. We have nosed, long tail, climb and jump very fast. Like monkeys are seen as symbols of the downstream flow.

You come to this place at evening will have the opportunity to watch the lizards, elephants, monkeys … bathing in the river, have fun. Thanks to the rich fauna that this place attracts many photographers and researchers.

Casual daily life of the people of both sides river will surprise you, enjoy.

The two sides of the river have many resorts  equal stilts on the hill. They are connected by small roads winding. These cottages on stilts have modern amenities. Pristine area, quietness will take you to a quiet peaceful world. You are immersed in nature away from the bustling, noisy in the city.

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